How Much Should I Spend On Digital Marketing Services?

Digital Marketing Services

What is the ideal budget for digital marketing in 2023?

This question is still addressed by many businesses. Many businesses find different ways to make effective strategies on a less budget.

The major object of marketing is to save costs and bring quality leads. Some companies have their in-house team and some hire an outsourcing digital marketing company. You may find different quotations while finding the best digital marketing. So, get a quotation from a marketing agency that also fits your needs. Today, to increase reach and target more audiences there is nothing better than digital marketing. This blog will give you thorough details about how much you should spend on digital marketing services.

How to Allocate Your Marketing Budget

This might be the most complex task in digital marketing to decide your budget through online and offline platforms.

  • Content marketing, email marketing, and SEO are good options to generate quality leads without spending on marketing.
  • Currently, mobile marketing is in trend. However, it is not considered separately in marketing and the company is investing in this marketing service.
  • Mainly companies invest half of their digital marketing budget in paid ads, for example, PPC, Youtube ads, and paid social media.

You also need to consider the following question for a marketing budget.

  • How do businesses decide their marketing budgeting that justifies their requirements?
  • What amount should a business allocate to get a great presence in a competitive market?
  • How do customers react after they see the buying funnel?

What Marketing Techniques and Strategies Are Producing the Best Results?

Low-budget or even no-budget email marketing brings a pretty good result for the business.

If you are looking for fantastic results, make paid marketing strategies. Paid digital marketing on social media and search engines gives better ROI results. Furthermore, search engines and social media offer unpaid marketing options. Organic marketing also known as SEO runs at a slower pace, but brings higher traffic and quality leads.

Using automation and marketing techniques to obtain better outcomes can be effective. Make sure you utilize different marketing strategies, like social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and organic search.

 Digital Marketing Services

Which Social Media Platforms Should I Spend Money On?

Today, almost every social media platform is highly popular among the audience. According to a report, Instagram and Facebook successfully bagged the highest number of users in 2022. On the other hand, Youtube and TikTok are leading in the list of highest-ranking social media platforms.

All of these platforms offer paid and unpaid marketing options. Any marketing campaign can become trendy on these platforms if it makes effective content. The cost of paid advertising on social media platforms varies according to a niche, requirement, and target audience.

Through social media platforms, you can target B2B businesses better than ever. Paid marketing on social media also requires the age group and intent of your marketing. However, people of every age group are strongly active on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, etc. The capacity of each platform to run advertisements enables any platform to be used regardless of the age of the majority of users.

Changes in Social Media Platform Investments

According to a report, the spending on all social media platforms has surpassed USD 56 billion in 2022.

With 93% of marketers now investing on Facebook. Facebook had the greatest portion of the paid social media pie. Comparatively, 26% of poll respondents said they want to spend less time on Facebook in the upcoming year. Around 91% of respondents in 2019. However, Facebook still seems to be a platform where practically all advertisers are paying. Despite unsatisfactory changes and controversies still, Facebook is the first choice of almost every business for paid ads.

On the other hand, Instagram got a great push from the previous year. In 2019 the usage ratio of Instagram was 69%% and in 2021 it reached 78%. Today Instagram has 4.48 billion active users. These brilliant numbers make B2B invest a heavy amount on this platform for paid ads. Apart from LinkedIn which was highly recognized for recruitment it also turned into a paid ads business. You can also invest in paid ads on LinkedIn.

Spending on Traditional vs. Digital Marketing Has Changed

For the past year, digital marketing is likely to become the most preferred way of marketing over conventional marketing. The reason behind this digital marketing is more precise, automated, and effective.

The growth in digital marketing keeps increasing and digital marketing is grabbing a huge market capital in the world.

Businesses of every industry spend a heavy amount on digital platforms to target audiences. In previous years when businesses spent on television, newspaper, and radio for marketing they are now investing in digital marketing. After getting into the mainstream digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing.

Today, if you want to give tough competition to your rival, invest in digital marketing. Remember it is not only about investing in digital marketing you also have to make effective strategies. Digital marketing will target personalized customers and bring more quality leads.

What Percentage of Marketing Budget Should You Spend on Digital

Although digital marketing does not cost a lot, even a small business can afford it. E-commerce enterprises and relevant businesses that rely more heavily on online sales allocate more of their marketing budget to digital.

According to recent research, the spending on digital marketing would reach 307 billion USD in 2023. This number is almost a 60% market share of all markets across the world. These figures can change depending on a range of factors, like expansion ambitions, region, industry, and much more.

A balanced mix of marketing expenditures is to be expected from more traditional organizations. Those businesses that depend on offline AND will get online activity to fill the sales funnel.

In the past few years throughout all industries, digital marketing has gotten a better response than conventional marketing. Additionally, the investment figure in digital marketing has been increasing over the past few years.

How Much Should Your Firm Budget For Marketing?

Consider the following factors to know the spending on digital channels.

  • On average B2C companies need to spend around 8% to 14% of their total revenue on digital marketing.
  • Experts have seen the marketing cost of all B2B companies fall around 9 to 11% of their total revenue in recent years. On the other hand, B2C businesses spend 20% of their total marketing.
  • B2B businesses should spend 6 to 8% of their revenue on marketing.

Remember these figures depend on the type of business and target audience. Many businesses in the world spend 40% of their revenue on marketing. So, decide your type of business and research the worth of your brand to make a digital marketing budget.


If you think that you have made a brilliant digital marketing strategy, boost it on the interest for much better reach. Furthermore, paid digital marketing will be beneficial in any way. It will never disappoint you. If you cannot attain your lead target you will surely end up with a great number of impressions which will be beneficial for the future.

However, paid ads might seem costly to small businesses, but good investments bring good results. Nowadays the market has become very competitive so you must invest in paid marketing.

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